Are You Eligible for the UAE Golden Visa? 

The UAE Golden Visa system is a revolutionary program that grants long-term residency to a wide range of individuals who contribute to the nation's progress and development. Whether you are an investor, or entrepreneur, or possess specialized talents, the Golden Visa could be the key to unlocking a future filled with opportunity in the UAE. Let's delve into the specifics of each category to help you determine your eligibility. 

Eligibility Categories for the UAE Golden Visa 

1. Investors in Public Investments 

For a 10-year visa: 

Investment in a UAE-accredited investment fund with at least AED two million. 

A commercial or industrial license with a capital of no less than AED two million. 

Annual payment to the government of at least AED 250,000, confirmed by the Federal Tax Authority. 

Full ownership of the invested capital without any loans. 

Proof of medical insurance for the investor and family members. 

2. Real Estate Investors 

For a 5-year visa: 

Ownership of property or properties with a total value of at least AED two million, as confirmed by the local land department. 

Option to purchase property with a loan from specific local banks approved by competent authorities. 

3. Entrepreneurs 

Eligibility Criteria: 

For a 5-year visa: 

Ownership of a technical or future-oriented economic project worth at least AED 500,000. 

Approval letters from a UAE auditor, local authorities, and an accredited business incubator. 

4. Outstanding Specialized Talents 

Eligibility Criteria: 

For a 10-year visa: 

Doctors, scientists, creative individuals, inventors, executives, specialists, athletes, doctoral degree holders, and engineers in specific fields. 

Specific recommendations or approvals from UAE authorities, such as the Ministry of Health, Emirates Council of Scientists, Ministry of Economy, cultural departments, or sports councils. 

For engineers and scientists, a certified degree and work contract are required. 

5. Outstanding Students 

For high school students (5-year visa): 

National-level top performers with a minimum grade of 95 percent. 

Recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education. 

For university students (10-year visa): 

Enrollment in A or B-rated universities by the Ministry of Education. 

A high GPA, with specific thresholds for different university ratings. 

Graduation within the last two years. 

For graduates from top 100 global universities (10-year visa): 

A cumulative GPA of not less than 3.5. 

An accredited graduation certificate from the Ministry of Education. 

Graduation within the last two years. 

6. Pioneers of Humanitarian Work 

For a 10-year visa: 

Long-term members and employees of humanitarian organizations. 

Recipients of humanitarian awards. 

Funders of humanitarian projects with contributions of at least two million dirhams. 

7. Frontline Heroes 

For a 10-year visa: 

Frontline medical and support staff who have shown exceptional service during crises. 

Recommendation from the competent authority. 

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