Unlock the Potential of a Thriving Economy

The United Arab Emirates stands as a beacon of economic prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit. With its dynamic markets and investor-friendly climate, the UAE is the perfect launchpad for your business ambitions. Secure your future in this vibrant commercial landscape with an Investor Visa in the UAE – the key to unlocking limitless opportunities. 

Why Choose the UAE for Your Investment

  • Robust Economy: Benefit from the UAE’s stable and rapidly growing economy. 

  • Strategic Location: Leverage the UAE’s strategic position as a global business hub connecting East and West. 

  • Government Support: Take advantage of the UAE government’s initiatives designed to facilitate investors with seamless business operations. 

Understanding the UAE Investor Visa

The UAE Investor Visa, also known as the Partner Visa, is designed for foreign nationals who aim to establish or invest in a business within the UAE. This visa not only grants you the freedom to reside in the UAE but also provides the flexibility to travel in and out of the country as per your business needs. 

Key Advantages of the UAE Investor Visa

  • Tax Residency : Become a UAE tax resident, potentially exempting you from taxes in your home country (subject to your home country’s laws).


  • Family Sponsorship : Sponsor visas for your spouse, children, and parents, ensuring your loved ones can join you in the UAE.


  • Additional Privileges : Access to an Emirates ID card, the ability to open bank accounts, obtain a UAE driving license, and more. 

Types of Investor Visas in the UAE 

  • 10-Year Investor Visa : For substantial public investments or partnership stakes of at least AED 10 million. 
Dubai, UAE – April 16, 2021: Sheikh Zayed Road, top view on  Museum Of The Future, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Gevora Hotel, DIFC, Al-Yaqub Tower, Burj Khalifa, HHHR Tower
  • 5-Year Investor Visa : For real estate investments in the UAE valued at a minimum of AED 5 million.


  • 3-Year Investor Visa : For property investments starting from AED 750K, with certain conditions applied to mortgaged properties. 

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Investment Criteria : Meet the specific investment thresholds for the visa category you’re applying for.

  • Financial Stability : Prove financial solvency, ensuring your investment is not loaned and is maintained for the required duration.

  • Clear Documentation : Provide all necessary documents, including proof of investment, passport copies, and more. 

How to Apply for Your Investor Visa in the UAE

Embark on your journey to becoming a UAE investor with a streamlined visa application process

  • Submit Your Visa Application : Visit an authorized typing center with all required documents to ensure accurate application submission.

  • Status Change : Upon application approval, proceed with the status change at a sanctioned typing center.

  • Medical Examination : Undergo a mandatory medical test at an approved medical center.

  • Emirates ID : Complete the Emirates ID typing to link all legal permits to your identity in the UAE.

  • Visa Stamping : Finalize the process with the stamping of your UAE residency visa by the Immigration Department. 

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