Our Nominee Director and Shareholder Services

Nominee Director and Shareholder Services provide individuals and businesses with the option to appoint a trusted third party to act as the official director or shareholder of a company on their behalf. This service ensures privacy, protects personal information, and allows for efficient business operations.

  • Nominee Director Services : Our experienced professionals can act as nominee directors, representing your company in a legal capacity while safeguarding your privacy. The nominee director’s role is to fulfill the legal requirements, attend board meetings, and handle statutory obligations on behalf of the company. We ensure that the nominee director operates in accordance with your instructions and acts in the best interest of the company.
  • Nominee Shareholder Services : Our nominee shareholder services allow you to maintain confidentiality by appointing us as the registered shareholder of your company. The nominee shareholder’s name appears on public records, providing an additional layer of privacy and protecting your identity. We hold shares on your behalf, ensuring that your ownership remains confidential and protected. 
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Benefits of Nominee Director and Shareholder Services

  • Privacy Protection : By appointing a nominee director and shareholder, you can keep your personal information confidential, preventing it from being publicly associated with the company.


  • Legal Compliance : Our professionals are well-versed in local laws and regulations, ensuring that the company remains in compliance with all legal requirements.


  • Flexibility and Convenience : Nominee services allow you to focus on your core business activities while entrusting the administrative and legal responsibilities to experienced professionals.


  • Asset Protection: Nominee services provide an additional layer of protection for your assets, separating personal and business interests.


  • International Expansion : Nominee services can facilitate international business expansion by meeting local requirements and regulations in foreign jurisdictions.

Why Carltrix Nominee Director and Shareholder Services

  • Experience and Expertise : Our team has extensive experience in providing nominee services, ensuring a professional and reliable service.


  • Confidentiality :  We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy, and we handle all information with the utmost discretion and security.


  • Compliance :  We ensure that all nominee services are conducted in full compliance with local laws and regulations, minimizing any potential risks or legal issues.


  • Professional Support :  Our dedicated team provides ongoing support and guidance, assisting you with any queries or concerns you may have throughout the nominee services.

If you’re interested in our Nominee Director and Shareholder Services services or have any specific inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Our team at Carltrix Corporate Service Provider is ready to assist you in making informed business decisions through comprehensive market research.